This page is dedicated to sharing interesting maps and infographs of Atlanta, the Southeast area, and the rest of the world.

Oyster Map Atlanta

Interactive map of oyster restaurants in the metro area with the facts that ostreaphiles crave. Does your favorite oyster eatery recycle their shells? Find out here!


Atlanta Population Density Map

This map was featured in the article “MARTA: I Would Ride it if it Just Went Somewhere.”



Population Change of Select US Cities, 1960-1990 and 2010-2015

To be featured in an upcoming article about the explosive growth of major American cities over the past five years.

Pop Change US Cities 1960-2015


The Movement of Georgia’s Center of Population Over Time: 1880-2010

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the center of population is defined as, “the place where an imaginary, flat, weightless and rigid map of (an area) would balance perfectly if all residents were of identical weight.”