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How We Use Water in the Southeast Will Now Be Determined By the US Supreme Court

This is just to name the major legal players. Countless other people are impacted by how water is allocated in the ACF Basin, though they may not have legal standing to bring suit. The waters have extensive recreational and aesthetic value, which serve both economic and emotional purposes. The unpredictable flow of the Chattahoochee River and rise and fall of Lake Lanier hurts the economic interest of adjacent landowners and recreational outfitters. Countless individuals use the waters of the ACF Basin for boating, fishing, and other recreational purposes. These are just the economic uses. An un-quantifiable value lies in the sheer beauty of the area. People buy and rent homes in the area for the aesthetic value. People hike, bird-watch, and camp in the area for the aesthetic value. These incidental users have largely been reduced to the sidelines as state leaders continually fail to reach compromise.

Bees in the City: Is Your Urban Apiary Illegal?

Bee on Flower

Updated 24-Feb-2018. Despite a Georgia law that appears to prohibit local governments from regulating backyard honeybee-keeping, some municipalities are passing ordinances that restrict aspects of backyard beekeeping. While honeybees have gained a mainstream following, our local native bees are the hero pollinators that deserve much more love.